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5 Frustrating Inventory Mistakes Retailers Commonly Make

Inventory is a key part of profit and revenue. Whether it involves raw materials or retail products, managing inventory is essential to monitor the whereabouts of the goods.

Inventory is a company’s current asset that makes good business operations possible. It is performed to keep your business afloat and continue to grow. However, it is not as smooth as it may seem.

There can be some moves you may not be doing right. Let’s consider several factors.

#1: Improper Staff Training

One of the most common inventory mistakes business owners frequently make is being not able to train staffs the right way. Your staffs and other company’s personnel that are responsible for counting, monitoring and tracking stocks should be given enough knowledge for them to perform the job well.

There should also be enough equipment and POS software to use for a hassle-free and more efficient inventory. Making them familiar with the system and other tools and equipment you’re using, can make retention and customer satisfaction levels up.

#2: Lack of Automation

Automation can dramatically reduce human error. It will magnify the efficiency of the operation and will trim down time allocated to inventory management. Technology automation can also improve business scalability. Scalability turns new business to the next level by increasing profits over time.

Failing to automate is equivalent to failure in managing inventory across different locations. If you don’t have systems that will make business scalability promising, there could be an annoying time delay in an everyday transaction.

#3: Failure to Forecast Demand

Systems with bugs and errors can produce inaccurate forecast which can destroy your business’ manufacturing plan. This can lead to poor customer satisfaction as you won’t be able to meet customer needs. As a result, stocks aren’t any more balance. You don’t have stocks for saleable goods but you overproduced on items that were not.

You can use inventory data for you to make proactive planning and know which products are trending. Make sure to keep your system free from bugs so you can make the right calculations without trouble.

#4: Not Doing Regular Inventory Checks

Less frequent inventory checks can result to profit loss. On the other hand, too much of it can also make your business profitless. It is better to schedule a more frequent regular inventory checks that do not just happen once a year.

Oftentimes, a laborious yearly practice can give a big difference in the physical inventory and existing system information your store possess. Regular stock checking is a great way to prevent missing out sales and shutting down business operation.

#5: Inadequate Preparation

Inventory is a serious thing and working with it unprepared is a big mistake. Inventory preparation far goes beyond training employees. It includes organizing the stock room, creating a floor or warehouse map, making correct product pricing and using the right tools for the operation.

WooCommerce inventory management and other e-commerce inventory have never been easy without using quick and efficient tools like POS. Since it provides barcode labeling, purchase order management, inventory transfer, and many other features, it is greatly useful for stress-free stock management.

How to eliminate frustrating inventory mistakes? Simply use the right tool that works like magic!


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