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Smart Merchants: Say Good-Bye to Traditional Cash Registers

POS system vs Cash Register

Business owners use cash register long before POS systems are born. From the name itself, it can manage cash or payments. It can also print receipts, scan barcodes and track sales.

Such two terms often used interchangeably. The truth is that people tend to use a cash register to mean POS system. However, smart retail merchants choose only one to assist in their daily business operations. Are you smart enough? Read on and find it out!

Cash Register VS POS System

Cash Register

Electronic cash register system is used to manage payments for some businesses. It can record a transaction, can do daily tallies and can process cash, credit cards, and checks. It can even add tax to sales, track departmental sales and offer staff sign-in feature.

A basic cash register is created with a computer, keypad, a cash drawer, a printer and sometimes has a barcode scanner. There is also a display to allow users to see what they’re registering in. Nevertheless, simple cash registers like these are less used nowadays.

One reason is that it cannot be customized to fit certain business requirements, no real-time tracking is provided and is not really easy to use. It allows staff sign-in but cannot manage employee time. It is not even capable of creating and tracking purchased orders.

POS System

An electronic POS system is a retail financial checkout machine where the retail transactions are performed. It acts as a cash register but this is a more advanced one. There are more features and options to use for and is much easier to draw on compared to a cash register.

Features like table bookings, stock status, customer data management, invoice tracking, and loyalty programs are added. It can help a lot to improve businesses for it is capable of handling inventory and create sales reports. POS systems can save time, ensure accuracy and add convenience across multiple stations.

POS systems can also be used for online businesses such as WooCommerce and one software program that works perfectly to that is WooPOS. Since WooPOS is more than just a retail POS software, you can make online processing and shipping worry-free.

Why Retail Merchants Choose to Use POS Systems

Many retail businesses and store owners use the POS system for smooth store checkout. It can record complete details of every transaction and can be customized according to different business needs. It is an expandable system where everything is computerized. The system is simply more efficient to run operations.

Businesses can use a simple cash register to manage sales but, only smart merchants choose to use a multifunctional POS system. It is not because we have to embrace modernity but because we keep comparison a part of life. It is undeniable that the Point of Sale system can really do more over a basic cash register. Isn’t it?

The Bottom Line

If you are still using a cash register, now is the time to leave that ditch out. Many people are moving toward advanced, feature-filled POS machines because they are always looking for faster ways of doing things.

Are you up to that? Then, make a move!

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