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How to Manage Customers in WooCommerce

In making a successful business, developing a strong customer management strategy is the most essential factor to start with. One reason is that it is the foundation of how you run your industry. It is also the basis of what you do as a company.

When managing customers is left undone, it is difficult to increase sales. WooCommerce is a great tool where businesses can manage customers at its best. You can easily use different plugins, style with great themes and use many other tools. See how CRM can help your business and let your customers go home completely satisfied!

What is CRM

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is not simply a technology application, but a strategy you can use to learn more about customers: their needs, wants, and behaviors. The more you understand them, the more you can develop a strong relationship with them.

As you can see in most businesses, they always give a humble approach to customers and deal them with care, because assisting shoppers is a philosophy of every business.

In WooCommerce, there is a Customer Relationship Manager tool you can use to manage potential customers. With it, you can track your customers as you get your store to grow. You can even see who is the one spending the most and who is making a regular purchase. The plug-in can also keep your existing and loyal customers on track.

How it Works

While CRM can help businesses create a bond with customers, it can also increase profits as both customer loyalty and revenue can affect the company’s earnings more than you expected.

Since WooCommerce CRM can build a useful tool for a collection of data, businesses can communicate with customers with great scalability. This web-based solution is also safe, easy to use and provides a lot of tools to use for free.

Here are the basic functions of CRM in business:

  • Send instant Emails
  • View customer indicators
  • Assign phone calls
  • Customer data and interaction
  • Automate sales
  • Track Leads
  • Support vendor relationships
  • Provides knowledge and training
  • Make contracts
  • Group customers
  • Make customer accounts
  • Access business information

Effective WooCoommerce Plug-in

WooPOS CRM is effective in building a strong customer relationship for e-commerce plug-ins using WordPress. As today’s software is designed to meet the overall goals of CRM, WooPOS is highly scalable and customizable. It can help businesses analyze and track customer information and provide a methodology for customer interactions while enabling you to measure the performance of your business.

Here are the other features you may need but only WooPOS can give:

  • Accept payments from various stations
  • Store credit tracking
  • Include customer identification (ex. Photo)
  • Detailed customer records
  • Discount rules
  • Tax rules
  • Email/mail subscriber checkbox
  • Clerk customer notes
  • Google map integration
  • A/R monthly statement
  • Event tracking (ex. Birthday)
  • Form envelop, mailing labels and letters

Managing customers is as easy as 123 when you do it with the right software. WordPress can’t handle it alone; you need WooCommerce POS software to do that. Thanks to WooPOS!



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