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Why Integrated Payments is Essential in Business

Every business has to deal with daily payment processes. But the need for faster and more efficient payment transactions is much more important. The payment processing industries have now set new standards and practices to help companies process payments even faster – integrated payment solutions.

Integrated payment solutions are the fundamental tools you can use to integrate various business applications such as accounting and CRM with payment processing. This will save you more money, time and trim down data entry errors. With the help of integrated payments, you can put pieces together to see a much bigger picture of your business.

The Benefits you can get

•    Reduces Human Errors

Manual transactions are prone to what we called human errors. Some of them can be fixed, but others cannot. When you use integrated payments, you won’t enter transactions manually anymore. You don’t also have to reconcile your bank account and update your accounting or software systems because everything will be automated.

•    Saves Time and Money

Integrated payment solution saves time simply because it performs automatically and eliminates errors. You don’t have to spend hours, days or months fixing unneeded data entry. You don’t also have to spend much time in authenticating cross-referencing credit cards. When you save time, you also save money.

•    Boosts Communication and Team Work

Since employees and customers will be prioritized in the system, integrated payment processing can help every business build a strong relationship with them. Detailed reports are also generated so you can evaluate your staffs and know what those items your customers have bought are.

•    Improves Cash Flow

You need a positive cash flow to pay your bills and other accounts payable. If you are lack of cash, there is a big reason for your business to fail. With the integrated payment tools, you can monitor payments and how your cash is flowing. It can help you reduce unnecessary spending and save more.

•    Increases Financial Visibility and Control

Visibility and control can lead to financial growth. You should care about integrated payments if you want to grow your business. While it works with accounting tools, it also accepts different mode of payments and process transactions quickly. It is perfect to make your customers return home satisfied.

Things to Consider

Business owners always have important tasks and responsibilities to do every day. Here are the basic things you should be looking at integrated payment tools.

Ability to Address Bulk Transactions

Your integrated payments should be capable of handling different mode of payments such as credit card, debit card, cash and even gift cards.

Ability to Choose your Own Service Provider

Merchant service providers offer different credit card processing rates and services. It is great if your preferred integrated payments solution allows you to choose your own.

Level of Integration and Automation

Some integrated payments tool does not offer much to use and that’s a waste of money. You should get one on a high level which can print receipts, send emails, notify customers, has CRM, and has strong security and many others.

Integrated Payments Solution that Works

For businesses using WooCommerce Point of Sale, it is best to use WooPOS with its integrated payments solutions. It allows you to choose your own merchant service provider, can handle bulk transactions at once and is designed with high-level automation and integration.

Experience an even faster integrated payments that won’t let you down!

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