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Why you should Offer Gift Cards and How to Create One that Sells

Who in the world love gift cards? Consumers do. It is the number one requested present that can motivate them to purchase more. It’s a gift that makes them happy. It’s something they prefer receiving over pretty much anything.

While there are many ways to get a customer’s attention, gift card marketing is the smartest tactic to keep them coming back. It is one of the most powerful methods savvy company owners can use to gain success in business.

Gift cards come with a number of distinct advantages. Today, let’s explore the most important.

Gift Cards Outperform Other Marketing Strategies

Retailers can use many other techniques to create strong customer relationships but they still find gift cards so effective.


Boosting sales with gift cards is a great trick. Consumers are more likely to spend more than the exact value of the gift card which means you can increase your sales without lifting a finger. Gift cards can also help bring people back when slow and post-holiday season strikes. That’s welcoming more profits during slumps.

Brand Awareness

What other retailers don’t know about the power of gift cards is that they’re like a mini billboard promoting band awareness. This can be a cost-effective advertising vehicle that reminds customers to visit you the most time and highlight your brand to more potential buyers.

Repeat Business

Shoppers that are tired of coming back or don’t return as quickly will be pulled by the sweet sensation of gift cards. A repeat business is the hallmark of brand and customer loyalty. Offering gift cards can keep customers return again and again giving retailers a chance to beat the competition with minimal efforts.

Convenience and Flexibility

Gift cards are more convenient and flexible than any other type of promotional approach to winning the heart of consumers. It simply signifies the essence of gift offering they like doing especially during holidays. Personalized gift cards are a big plus for merchants. This is something that truly works.

Creating Loyalty Gift Cards

Step 1: Know the Applicable Law

Gift cards also have laws to follow. This may include the presence of expiration date, issuance date and the funds loaded. Fees, limits, and terms are also important. The said law varies in different states in which you need to figure out.

Step 2: Find a Maker/Supplier

Do your search to find a lot of gift card maker or supplier that truly sells. Some of them offer a customized template so you can create and design your own gift certificates base on your brand and customer needs. For ultimate gift card issuance, redemption and tracking, we recommend WooPOS.

Step 3: Promote your Design

You have to promote your gift cards as they don’t sell themselves. You can offer discounted gift certificates to your old customers and attractive price for your new ones. Remember that gift cards can be used to promote your brand. Make sure to make one that works in any industry to drive more traffic.

Having to use one program to track everything about gift cards is what businesses truly need. WooCommerce Point of Sale can be a great solution. While paper gift certificates can still boost sales and increase repeat business, electronic gift cards have proven to make things a lot better.  With POS, great things happen!


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