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Sales Return: Why does it Exist and How to Prevent it?

When customers return the products they buy, a company would accept it. It’s their right. They have the right to return the goods they are not satisfied.

Sales return is a normal part of a business. It has always been a good practice most merchants used to provide customer satisfaction. There are different customers. The cause for product return may also come in many different reasons. This goodwill policy is not necessarily a bad thing. There is actually a sweet spot that opens a door for more sales.

However, when the level of the sales return is high, entrepreneurial success might fail. Let’s dig some ways to manage returns for a zero fall.

Common Reasons for Return Purchases

Sales returns aren’t easy to deal with. Your customers might be happy at some point but the image of your business couldn’t be the best one you aimed to be. Here are some of the reasons why this thing exists so you can find ways to avoid it.

Not as Described

Sometimes, the photo or description of the item is not the same when you see or hold the actual product. Customers hate it when the product ends up different than expected leading to more sales return going back to the seller. This can also break their trust.


Damaged item is like a waste – you can’t use it. Whether it’s the manufacturer’s fault or the delivery’s mistake, receiving complaints about the damaged products can be the worst nightmare of a retailer. It can lose potential lifelong customers and greatly affects profit.

Incorrect Product

Incorrect products are common in apparels such as clothing and shoes where size is a big thing. There are times mix-ups happen and the wrong item ends up in the box sent out. This is why you and your staff need extra care to encourage repeat purchases.

Late Delivery

Late delivery can’t give a smile in the face. It can kill your customer’s excitement. Most customers need the product by a specific time. If you pass the delivery date they are expected to be, their interest might be lost. They’ll get angry and leave a bad review.

Preventing Sales Return

It feels good when people purchase in your store but having too many sales return can break the day. Online shopping does not give customers a chance to try the product. A study shows that there is a higher return record in online purchases compared in physical stores. Here is how you can prevent it.

  • Include zoomable photography for finer details.
  • Offer live chat to get a constant contact with your customers.
  • Write a clear and prompt product listing.
  • Make appropriate sizing and specs to reduce the change of minds.
  • Offer fast and/or timely delivery.
  • Packed everything very well to reduce damaged goods.

While all of these can prevent the bad impact of sales return in your bottom line, installing WooCommerce POS can also help to streamline the process. It works with a barcode scanner for easy product tracking so you can sell and monitor your items with ease 24/7.



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