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Customer Management, Point Of Sale

What is the Best Way to Increase Customer Lifetime Value?

How to keep your customers around? It depends on how much a customer is worth to you. If you are in e-commerce business for years, you already know the battle of advertising over a flood of new users. Sometimes the ad spend stagnates that turns down a new company for nearly all of the customers are coming out or just…

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Inventory Management, Point Of Sale

5 Frustrating Inventory Mistakes Retailers Commonly Make

Inventory is a key part of profit and revenue. Whether it involves raw materials or retail products, managing inventory is essential to monitor the whereabouts of the goods. Inventory is a company’s current asset that makes good business operations possible. It is performed to keep your business afloat and continue to grow. However, it is not as smooth as it…

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Inventory Management, Point Of Sale

Purchase Order: Keeping your Company Together

In handling every stage of a purchase transaction, there are many applications we can use. There are plenty of ever-evolving trends we always want to get caught up. We all have such gut to be in the trendiest development that we often forget the most important thing in the procurement realm – purchase orders. Email threads and verbal commitments are…

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Customer Management, General, How To, Inventory Management, Point Of Sale

Sales Return: Why does it Exist and How to Prevent it?

When customers return the products they buy, a company would accept it. It’s their right. They have the right to return the goods they are not satisfied. Sales return is a normal part of a business. It has always been a good practice most merchants used to provide customer satisfaction. There are different customers. The cause for product return may…

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General, Point Of Sale

10 Ways to Keep Ahead of your Competitors in Retail Marketing

No matter what type of business you operate, there is a competition. It is everywhere. Whether you like it or not, it is always there. The road to success has never been easy. There are competitors that block the way. To win over new customers become more challenging when your market isn’t the only one that stands from the crowd.…

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Customer Management, Inventory Management, Point Of Sale

What No One Tells you about Repeat Business and New Customers

Have you ever stopped to think about how you can improve your business? What technique do you use – acquiring new customers or repeat business? While the acquisition of new customers is important, it is hard to win them back if they go away. On the other hand, keeping existing shoppers is great but it is not easy to build…

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