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Advantages of Cloud Database

CLOUD DATABASE. These are words we commonly hear in IT departments. The need for cloud database is becoming a big deal as businesses have to deal with more and more data in this high-tech era.

Cloud database is a structured set of data that is built and delivered through a cloud platform. This enables users to do a wide range of mission-critical workloads via the cloud to make their data becomes easily managed over the internet.

When you choose to transform your business to cloud platforms, you can do things more than you can ever imagine. These are the things you will be learning today.

Powering Businesses like No Other

1.    Emergency Backup

Cloud storage can be used as an emergency storage when disaster attacks. Businesses are advised to have a backup plan ready for easy recovery. Cloud database is able to keep your important files secured across different locations.

2.    Scalability

Being able to add and subtract server is the other great advantage of the cloud. Its power and network capacity make it reach the peak. Scalability is the capacity of the platform to handle growing workloads without a drop in service quality.

3.    Security

With a cloud database, you can get a reliable data security. Data security is crucial if you have critical information saved in your PC and other devices. When you own a database, you are able to retrieve the lost data, track malicious attacks and keep unauthorized access from coming.

4.    Online Access

You don’t need a flash drive, a CD or a hard drive to access your files. All you need is an internet connection to collect your data. Cloud database is capable of organizing your data through web forms with different template patterns.

5.    Mobility

With the cloud, you can track and manage remote employees and conveniently give them the accessible information they need via Smartphone. Being digitized is the best way to make sure that no one is left out of the loop.

6.    Quality Control

By accessing the same information, you can avoid possible human error while maintaining data consistency. Your business will also have a clear update or revision record for consistent reporting.

7.    Manageability

IT management and maintenance are simplified with the cloud. Since all resources are kept and maintained by the service provider, you can get an ultimate web-based user interface without the need for installation.

WooPOS Provides Cloud Database At No Extra Cost To You

WooPOS uses its own database replication technology to synchronize the data between the cloud database and local database automatically. WooPOS is great for your stunning point of sale systems even without internet connection.


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